In fear and trembling or the latest attempt to overcome procrastination

Another festive season is over and once again here I am at the starting line of a New Year with yet another resolution.

Like many I spend the last weeks of the year reviewing the achievements or otherwise of the past 12 months and begin to consider goals and aims for the coming year. Like many I then set myself up in great expectation with various resolutions.

Over the years I have taken on the more health related resolutions such as no alcohol consumption until my birthday (which being in April means a fair whack of the year of being teetotal), getting fit, setting weight goals, dieting and giving up smoking all with mixed results.

They have also all followed a similar pattern. December usually sees Yours Truly taking advantage of the seasonal festivities to indulge in good food and wine with the background thought that on 1 January I will suddenly go cold turkey and live the life of a nun by abstaining from alcohol, get fit and lose weight (not necessarily in that order) for the first few months of the year.

Well that is the plan.

Then suddenly the New Year arrives and the deadline clock clangs. “Hey baby there are no excuses now, it’s time,” says the little voice inside your head that you just know can’t be easily ignored.

So yes here I am on 2 January 2018 facing that shrill alarm clock.

I’ve now closed the chapter to 2017 and looking at the new page/chapter/story that will be this new year

However unlike past years 2018’s opening lines – the New Year Resolution – is already different.

This time around there is no declaration of getting fit, losing weight, going through a period of abstinance or even setting some unrealistic total on the number of books to read in the coming year. Yep 2018 is all about writing.

This year I am even publicly declaring it.  In past years I have tended to keep my resolutions to myself and in doing so probably set them and I up for failure.

So the resolution/aim/plan/ goal is to have the first draft of my novel written by the end of 2018.

A necessary and tricky ingredient in ensuring this goal is met is to increase my writing time and to get the writing itself more out there. I say tricky as like many things the rest of the world will get in the way. I know I am very much not alone in stealing whatever time I can for this endeavour against full time work, dealing with ageing family members and in ensuring fitness, a balanced diet and a social life are not totally sacrificed as well. As you can see the themes of those other past resolutions are still a factor in this overall scheme.

At the moment a helping hand to this grand plan is the fact that I am still on leave, yet this has had its own distractions, the initial recovery from a hard year at work, preparing for Christmas, recovering from Christmas, catching up with friends and family who are in town for the holidays and then getting ready for the New Year.

Just as I was starting to worry that I would fall at the first hurdle, I cam across a wonderful blog piece this morning written by fellow local writer Jennifer Sando (, that reminded me on the need not to place too much pressure on oneself at the outset and in ensuring balance and patience with this endeavour.

Suddenly the procrastination and distractions that have occurred these holidays disappeared and the panic on hearing the screaming alarm clock about already being in 2018 and yet to commence my first writing steps for the year also dissipated.

So here I am on 2 January writing and already a part of this overall goal is about to be met – reactivating this blog.

Instead of a deadline of weekly blogs, I’m choosing instead the goal of having regular blogs that reflect on this 2018 writing journey. I may blog once a week or even more, while at other times it could be up to a fortnight before a relevant post is able to come along. Whenever it is I am committing myself here and now to regular blogging

As I embark on this journey over the next 12 months, I am already well prepared for the moments of frustration and tears that I know will come, but I also believe there will be highlights as well. I will reflect on those junctures such as the disappearance of the creative muse, dealing with the various competing interests on my precious writing time and share achieving the various baby steps to this project.

So 2018 come at me and let this journey begin… now back to writing the novel.

About crossbordertales

A former journalist and frustrated author currently working in media and communications based in Adelaide, South Australia. This site is a collection of my writing, the people I have met and photos that have come from living and working in both South Australia and South West Victoria a joy. I hope you enjoy these cross border tales.
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2 Responses to In fear and trembling or the latest attempt to overcome procrastination

  1. jsando says:

    Hi again Fontella. And welcome back, Crossbordertales! I am so comforted by meeting people in the same boat. We can do this. Dwell on your highlights, and let’s help each other turn our lowlights into more highlights, too. : )

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